Be Sensational

Someone with which to share a laugh, a meal, a story, or a tear: a true friend is food for the soul. Playing the role of companions, motivators, confidants and even teachers, good friends are hard to find, but if you have even one, count yourself lucky. Take a step back for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the many benefits friends have to offer.


'Happiness' Articles

Who they were…we are.

Our family is our personal history.  We must recognize that before we can discover where we’re going, we must first understand where we came from.


No matter how large or small, everything we do makes a difference.

Give yourself a little credit, act with intent, and feel good about even the tiniest of contributions you make in your community.


Be open with your family.

To your sisters, brothers, children, husband, wife and parents, freely communicate.  Even if there is no one else you can be entirely honest with, then at least live in…