Be Sensational

Someone with which to share a laugh, a meal, a story, or a tear: a true friend is food for the soul. Playing the role of companions, motivators, confidants and even teachers, good friends are hard to find, but if you have even one, count yourself lucky. Take a step back for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the many benefits friends have to offer.


'Children' Articles

Become a more light-hearted parent.

Try to be more understanding of your children’s actions.  Remember you were once that age too. Make the home a happy go-lucky atmosphere where your children know they…


Believe in your children.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is your faith in them.  No matter how big their dreams or how unreasonable their aspirations may seem to your adult mind,…


Encourage your children to visit their grandparents.

We have much to learn from our elders, especially those who are close to us.  If you’re lucky enough to have a personal relationship with even one grandparent, cherish…