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Being sensational isn’t just about how you look; a large part of it is in what you do and how you eat! Try incorporating some of these ideas into your day and see just how sensational you can really feel.

Invest in your personal health.

How to Combat the Winter Blues

Days are shorter and the temperature is colder. Winter is here.  With less daylight and lots of snowy weather, it’s not uncommon to feel like all you want to do is curl…


Learn to live with the fact that life doesn’t always go smoothly.

There’ll be tough times, sad times and times that make you angry.  Don’t be an extremist who always looks for a way out when the going gets rough.  Accept the…


Buy a surprise gift for someone in your family.

No need for an occasion or a reason.  Even better than buying a gift is finding the time to make one yourself.  Put a little thought into it and give it to them when…