Be Sensational

Someone with which to share a laugh, a meal, a story, or a tear: a true friend is food for the soul. Playing the role of companions, motivators, confidants and even teachers, good friends are hard to find, but if you have even one, count yourself lucky. Take a step back for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the many benefits friends have to offer.


'Explore' Articles

Take your family on a good ol’ fashioned road trip.

Check out that play you’ve been talking about a few towns over, visit a well known amusement park with the kids, or hike the country trails up North.


Travel somewhere new at least once a year – even if it’s nowhere far

Take a short road trip to a cheese factory up North, go hiking through a local trail, or for the very adventurous…visit a country of the world you’ve never been before.…


Start a new activity that you’ve always been interested in

Whether it be a cooking class, guitar lesson, or beach volleyball league, a new social activity is good for the mind, body and soul.