Why Cleaning as a Family is a Good Idea…For You and Your Kids
Dedicate household zones for everyone’s belongings.

Why Cleaning as a Family is a Good Idea…For You and Your Kids

Even though we hate it, cleaning is a part of life.  Whether it be your house, cottage, office or car, knowing how to give something a good scrub-down is one of those essential life skills everyone should have. 

Family Collaboration

Have you ever noticed that an activity you would typically loathe becomes less burdensome when you have someone with you?  It is the power of company.  Since house cleaning is a task very few enjoy, it pays to do it as a team.

Gather your family together once a week – or once every two weeks – to clean the house.  Assign every family member a set of chores to be completed.  For each cleaning session, assign new tasks to every person to ensure fairness and maximized learning (plus, we all know that no one deserves the toilets every week).  It may take some time for your kids to become accustomed to the new system but it won’t be long before they’ll enjoy the family camaraderie and appreciate the finished product.  Family cleaning sessions show your children the value of teamwork and the importance of family collaboration.

Teaching Discipline

As young children, we don’t yet understand the concept of doing something we don’t want to do.  This is a very important lesson for us to learn if we want to become successful individuals in our adult lives. 

Family cleaning sessions are a great place to start.  Communicate to your children, that yes, you understand the fact that they don’t want to do their chores, and proceed by telling them that some things in life are unpleasant but necessary.  This simple, yet profound understanding is the hallmark of successful people.  Those who recognize the truth of this statement do not avoid the unpleasant task at hand, but rather confront it and get it done.

Preparation for Adulthood

A child who never learns how to clean is ill trained and unprepared to live on their own.  When you teach your child proper cleaning skills, you equip them for what lies ahead.  More than teaching the skills themselves, explain the purpose of cleaning.  Tell them about the fact that an unkempt house can attract germs, dust, mould, bugs and insects – and can be offensive to visiting guests.

The Reward

Some parents choose to reward their children with a weekly allowance.  This teaches children the valuable exchange of work for money.  If the agreement is executed well, no allowance is given unless the chores are finished and done properly. 

Or maybe you’re a parent who doesn’t agree with allowances.  Perhaps cleaning the house is part of your kids’ responsibilities while they live under your roof.  There is still a reward you can make them aware of. Although keeping things tidy is their responsibility, acknowledge your children for a job well done. At the end of every session, you all have a beautifully clean house to enjoy. 

Don’t give up if you encounter a little resistance at the beginning.  Stay calm and strong.  Act firm, yet understanding.  After a while, they will soon realize that this is a part of life – and this is exactly the message you want to convey.  Remember, in the long run you help your children by teaching them critical life lessons and skills.  And don’t forget, in the short run, you benefit from some much-needed help around the house!