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Being sensational isn’t just about how you look; a large part of it is in what you do and how you eat! Try incorporating some of these ideas into your day and see just how sensational you can really feel.

Don’t stoop. Take the high road.

Why Cleaning as a Family is a Good Idea…For You and Your Kids

Even though we hate it, cleaning is a part of life.  Whether it be your house, cottage, office or car, knowing how to give something a good scrub-down is one of those essential…


How to Create Lasting Memories with Your Kids

As children, we don’t remember the family vacation we took when we were three, the cake we had at our one-year birthday party or the look we had on our face the day we uttered…


Go on a pinecone picking adventure with your kids this fall.

Pick a bright and sunny Saturday, venture on down to the local forest and pick pinecones.  Later on, use them to create beautiful fall décor displays around your house.…