Family (Illustration)

Being sensational isn’t just about how you look; a large part of it is in what you do and how you eat! Try incorporating some of these ideas into your day and see just how sensational you can really feel.

Eat slowly and enjoy your food.

Crack jokes.

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  Relax, try to be more laid back and find the humour in your routine, everyday activities.  Make yourself laugh and share a chuckle…


Be there for your friends.

Be the kind of friend someone relies on, trusts and looks forward to spending time with.  The better of a friend you are to others, the richer the friendship you’ll receive…


Give your children the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t shrug off all bad behaviour to hormones.  Ask if everything is okay and always let them know you’re there for them no matter what.  You never know what’s…