Soy Chocolate Icing (Illustration)
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Luscious Chocolate (Illustration) SENSATIONAL SOY
Luscious Chocolate
Add to your cream soups for a smooth rich texture.
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Serves: ¾ cup (175 ml) of icing, enough to ice 12 cupcakes | Active Time: 5 minutes
2 tbsp Sensational Soy Luscious Chocolate 30 ml
2 tbsp Lactantia Healthy Attitude Omega-3 Margarine 30 ml
1 cup Icing sugar 250 ml
¼ cup Cocoa powder, sifted 60 ml
  1. In a small bowl mix all ingredients until smooth and spreadable add more Sensational Soy beverage or sugar to adjust consistency. Can be used immediately.
  2. Store in refrigerator in an air-tight container.

Customize the recipe:

  1. Replace Luscious Chocolate with Classic Vanilla or Creamy Original for a less chocolaty icing.
  2. Recipe easily doubled or halved.
  3. Replace margarine with softened butter.